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Party Post #1

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are fine.

Let’s start the party!

So today I am having an assumptions post! I got this idea from Riya @ Hmmm… Thanks Riya for the idea.

Comment down whatever assumptions you have about me! (No embarrassing or weird assumptions please.)

In my next post, I will be answering your assumptions about me.

Stay tuned for more party posts!

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I am a Student, Blogger and Programmer. I love blogging as it gives you the power to express yourself. I live in Delhi, India. My hobbies are Reading, Writing and Coding.

20 thoughts on “Party Post #1

  1. Some assumptions:
    1. You love maths
    2. You love listening to music
    3. You do other things too other than blogging
    Sorry for giving the assumption questions late! I hope you consider them ☺️

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  2. Congrats Shristi!!💖

    My assumptions-
    1. You hate doing schoolwork/homework
    2. You enjoy blogging and making new blogger friends
    3. You like the combination black-white
    4. You got the party post idea from me(:
    5. Even if you are not old enough to drive, Driver’s License is still your jam!

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