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Blogger Interview with Riddhi

Hello Everyone! So here I am with another blogger interview!

I want to thank Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for being part of this interview. She is such a wonderful person and I have actually had the pleasure of interacting with her quite a bit thanks to blogging and I can say without a doubt that you will really enjoy her blog so be sure to check it out. So, let’s start the interview.

a) Tell my readers a bit about yourself and your blog. Why do you blog about the topic you blog about?

Hey everyone! My name is Riddhi, and I am from the blog Whispering Stories. I blog about books mostly, but I also have a bit of music, movies and some other random stuff. I blog about books because they are my first love and have been there for me when no one else was. I also have two other personal blogs- The Human Book Club for advice on all topics and poems and poesies for poetry!

b) What are the topics you write about the most?

Books, as I mentioned!

c) What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Interacting with all these amazing people, and getting to express my love for books, writing poetry and giving out advice!

d) Which bloggers or blogs do you admire and why?

Oh, there are so many! But I won’t name them, since the list will probably take up the entire blog post, haha!

e) What would you say is your biggest strength as a writer?

I feel like even though I have a small audience, I can still influence that amount of people, and I am glad my writing and the internet and my readers have given me this power.

f) Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully, in a little more than five years, I’ll be earning! I think I’ll still be blogging and hopefully have started a YouTube channel. Hopefully, I’ll also still have a band of loyal friends. And well, I highly doubt it, but who knows, I might even be in a stable relationship! And oh, if I apply for a home loan then, I hope my salary is enough for a house big enough to fit my books- I don’t want to unhaul them!

g) What would be your perfect day? Plan it out from waking up to bedtime.

Honestly, there was this one day after my exams, when I lay in bed all day, reading, binge-watching and eating, and that was my perfect day, haha!

h) What’s your favourite thing you own and why?

My book collection, for sure!

i) What genres of books are you most into? What are some of your favourite authors in the genre?

I love contemporaries and mysteries! My favourite contemporary authors… hmm.., well Kasie West and Holly Bourne but I literally pick any author depending on the synopsis of my book. For mysteries, I love Agatha Christie and Karen M. McManus!

j) Any feedback for my blog?

It’s pretty good for a newbie, but you definitely still need practice.

If you enjoyed this interview don’t forget to stop by Riddhi’s blog by clicking here.

If you would like to be interviewed please send me your name (optional), the name of your blog and a link to your blog via the contact page.

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I am a Student, Blogger and Programmer. I love blogging as it gives you the power to express yourself. I live in Delhi, India. My hobbies are Reading, Writing and Coding.

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